Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members. Whether you need to perfect a cartwheel or work on your double-full, someone at RSGA can help you. Our coaching staff has a vast array of world class experience!

We offer lessons to the following:
• Preschool Gymnasts
• Recreational Gymnasts
• Cheerleaders
       o Tumbling
       o Stunting
       o Lifts
• Tumblers
• Competitive Team Gymnasts
       o USAG Women’s Artistic
       o USAG Men’s Artistic
       o USAG Trampoline & Tumbling
       o USAG Acrobatics
       o USAIGC Women’s
       o Choreography for Floor and Balance Beam routines
• Dancers
       o Uplifts
       o Choreography
• Ice Skaters
       o Amateur individual & pairs
       o Professional Pair
• Body builders
       o Posing
       o Fitness
       o Aerobics
• Circus Acrobats
• Karate
• Athletes who need Stretching/ Conditioning/ Balance
       o Football
       o Baseball
       o Soccer
       o Tennis

Private lessons can be for anyone whose skill level ranges from beginner to advanced. Private instruction can enhance skill learning. Doing lessons in a one-on-one learning environment speeds up the learning process, helps those who need individual attention and helps overcome “mental blocks” or other challenge.

The price range varies from coach to coach generally depending on their experience. Each coach makes their own prices, not RSGA. Lessons can be scheduled in the following ways:
RECURRING LESSON – Regularly Scheduled – Purchased as a package and set up the same day & time each week.
INTERMITENT – Individually Scheduled – Purchased individually and lessons are done on a sporadic basis.

Lesson Structure
Individual Private Lessons – Ratio 1:1

Semi-Private Lessons – Ratio 2:1

Small Group- Ratio 3 or more:1

How to schedule a lesson
All private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach. RSGA does not schedule ANY private lessons. Coaches generally schedule private lessons around their hours at the gym. We suggest you book multiple lessons in advance to secure your spot. Private Lesson opportunities are based on instructor availability.

Contact the instructor directly. They may be contacted by either phone or email. Be prepared with the days/times you are available to do the lessons. Each coach has their own set prices and packages.

Note: Student does NOT need be a current member. We welcome everyone who needs specialized instruction to come for private lessons.


Please see below for the coach's available for Private Lessons:

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